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中山大學 - 學生事務處
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Vice President's Office

  • Strategic plan of students affairs
  • Designated projects

Location: Administration Building, 5th floor, Room 5006
Campus Ext. #: 2200
Phone : (07) 525 2200
Fax : (07)525 2255


Student Assistance Division

  • Student safety education and accident handling
  • Reserve officers examination, the length of civilian service Offsetting and students of military service
  • Project of chunhui
  • Business of student rewards and punishments, conduct and leave
  • Student safety insurance and emergency assistance
  • Preferential treatment of students who are disadvantaged student programs
  • Student loans
  • Scholarships
  • Health counseling of off-campus lease Habitat
  • Part-time work of students

Location: Administration Building, 5th floor, Room 5008
Campus Ext. #: 2900
Phone: (07) 525 2900


Counselling & Career Develepment Division

  • Counseling
  • Career counseling
  • Promotion of gender equality
  • Internships and work-study
  • Graduation

Location: Administration Building, 5th floor, Room 5001、5002
Campus Ext. #: 2260
Phone: (07) 525 2260


Physical & Health Division

  • Sports activities in school, apply for the new Cup, the Department of International Cup, Zhongshan Cup and other sports competitions, and to assist with the important activities of the celebration, school Games.
  • Assist in the training of athletic teams, sports team training and management of various sports competitions results compiled and classification Award, gifted athletes tutoring and other services.
  • In the sports venues, rental and management to handle the sports venues and equipment rental, maintenance and other services.
  • In the health care services, including the supervision of health center medical clinic, emergency injury treatment, health counseling.
  • In health education activities, in addition to organizing lectures and activities of the health care, and the other freshmen admission health screening, screening for abnormal inspection items for students to be tracking guidance. Each school year, regularly organize various health education activities to include prevention and treatment of hepatitis, cancer prevention, first aid safety education, health promotion, education, etc., in order to promote the whole school health.

Location: Stadium 2th floor
Campus Ext. #: 2800
Phone: (07) 525 2800


Extracurricular Activities Division

  • The establishment of counseling Societies
  • The employment of Societies instructor
  • Handle associations evaluation
  • Handle the associations' training camp
  • Counseling student unions and student council
  • Celebration
  • To handle xingcheng Bay Cup
  • Auditorium and Societies office management

Location: Student activity center, 4th floor
Campus Ext. #: 2210
Phone: (07) 525 2210


Dorm service centre

  • Dorm application and distribution
  • Missing items claim
  • Key (items) to borrow
  • Call car service
  • Places network IP allocation query
  • Dorm electricity Information

Location: Tsuiheng Building A
Campus Ext. #: 5936
Phone: (07) 525 5936