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What kinds of career development activities does school host

  1. The school host the job fair in the March every year.
  2. Employment search website



How to fill in the graduation procedure  survey of the Counseling and Career Development Division

Please fill in the survey in this website. There is the survey in English.



How to make an appointment with counselor?

Please fill out the following information. Our counselor will contact you upon receiving your request.



Where to book the gymnasium rental?

Please using the booking system on the website of physical and health department.

Sign in the system--> file out the form-->print out form-->stamp the form from associate departments-->submit to the office. The office will be contacting the applicant by the email once it has been processed.


Where to buy the sport pass or sport ticket?

Location: Office of Physical and Health Department at the 2rd floor in the gym.

For the sport pass, please bring the following documents: studnet ID card, money (300NTD for freshman and 600NTD for the others), and1 inch self-photo with student ID number, name, and major on the back.

For sport ticket, please bring the following documents: student ID card.


How to participate in the sport competition?

(Exp: Freshmen Cup, Major cup, School Anniversary Competition…etc)

The competitions will be announce two weeks before its starting date.

The application of sport competitions will be available on the website of the physical and health department.

Please go to the office to pick up the application or download the application from the website, and submit the application to the office. 


If I has done Health Certificate(Type B), do I have to do freshmen health examination?

Physical & Health Division, Miss Men-chuan Lee.

Physical & Health Division,Student Union.



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